Monitoring of Teaching and Learning at Evolve Academy is regular and takes place in three ways:

  • Learning Walks – weekly
  • Work Scrutinies – weekly
  • Pupil Progress – data collected 6 times a year

Monitoring of Teaching and Learning is quality assured through a model of paired observation during Learning Walks. The monitoring of the quality of teaching also includes a comparison of outcomes so as to give a broader picture of the success of teaching over time. Teaching over time is judged via work scrutinies

All of our academies in the trust are involved in weekly learning walks and workbook scrutiny. Pupil progress is measured every half term through a series of formative and summative assessment opportunities. This data is used to inform pupil progress meetings where pupil targets are reviewed and set. Targets are set within curriculum topic areas and differentiated tasks are planned to support pupils to make progress. Targets that are not met within the time frame are revisited and are achieved through targeted bespoke intervention.

Learning Walks

Learning Walks have established a system that allows leaders and staff to monitor and capture typicality in T&L. These Learning Walks are unannounced providing school leaders with a very accurate picture of typicality regarding T&L.

SLT lead on the learning walk and they are conducted a minimum of once a week. They may be accompanied by members of staff/students who volunteer to take part in this process. Such collaboration acts as a moderation process as well as professional development for those members of staff involved.

Weekly learning walks conducted by all members of SLT monitor the teaching and learning within all settings and ensure that it supports pupils’ developmental, academic and emotional needs, within the curriculum. Learning walks focus on specific areas of teaching, pupils’ behaviour, and environmental cues that have an impact on the overall progress of all pupils.

Book Scrutiny

Book Scrutinies take place every week. Staff across the academy are involved in moderating the quality of marking and pupil feedback, and the overall impact the marking has on pupil progress. 

Staff are expected to make available all books for monitoring so that a random sample can be chosen. A focus is agreed weekly.

All staff will receive a copy of the work scrutiny feedback.

Pupil Progress

Pupil progress is reported every half term by the class teachers and is based on formative and summative assessments. Learning walks and book scrutinies moderate both assessments and pupil progress. All trust academies take part in 3 internal moderations and 3 external moderations throughout the academic year.

Students are given termly targets based on the curriculum and areas of development are identified for the pupil. Pupil progress is measured through national curriculum bands. SIS assessment data is used to monitor patterns in pupils’ behaviour, measure pupil SEMH progress, and inform student support plans.

PLT has developed a Trust-wide "Graded Flight Path" that all academies adhere to. It measures clear progress throughout key stages, by using age-related, GCSE and/or functional skills.

Triangulation Table

The data produced by the triangulation table informs SLT about the progression of teaching and learning across the academy. It allows senior leaders to plan and develop a curriculum to meet our pupils' needs, and also gives senior leaders the opportunity to see an overview of key areas of teaching and learning.